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In the SCCM Lab…

…With a pen and a pad, trying to get this deployment off My first lab was Johan’s hydration kit. It’s incredibly powerful, customizable, and educational. Unfortunately it takes a little more time and know-how than a novice like myself was initially prepared for.However, at MMS Steve Jesok pointed out that Microsoft provides an all-in-one solution: the Windows and Office Deployment Lab […]

Windows 10 or Server 2016 offline WaaS servicing PowerShell module via OSDBuilder step-by-step

The best method I like to ensure your SCCM or MDT image and ISO media are fully patched including enabling features, disabling SMBv1 and more. #WaaS #Windows10 #SCCM#MDT   https://www.moderndeployment.com/quick-start-guide-windows-10-waas-servicing-updates-via-osdbuilder/   Using OSDBuilder developed and maintained by David Segura (OSDBuilder.com) is currently the best PowerShell module to perform offline servicing that ensures the Windows 10 ISO media (or […]