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Adjusting the ConfigMgr Script Execution Timeout (pre 1810)

In ConfigMgr, scripts that execute default to having an execution timeout of 60 seconds.  Normally this timeout is fine but you may run into situations where scripts run long and clients start receiving the following error in DcmWmiProvider.log. In-line script execution time-out… Failed to process CScriptProvider::PutInstanceAsync. The script execution has timed out. (Error: 87D00321; Source: […]

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Keeping the SCCM Cache Clean with DCM

SCCM Cache Clean In environments with frequent software distributions the SCCM cache folder can quickly take up large amounts of disk space.  This really becomes problematic on older systems or virtual machines with limited amounts of disk space.  Our support team found themselves having to constantly track down systems with low disk space and clean […]

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Add task sequence dependencies to DP group

We’re working on adding new distribution point that are used exclusively for imaging.  This motivated me to create a script to make sure all dependent packages are assigned to the proper distribution point group.  (You are using distribution point groups right?) Change the site code in the script and it will prompt you for the […]