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Feature Update Errors

I’ve now consulted to about half a dozen environments where we have leveraged the feature update approach for windows servicing. I’m seriously considering every upgrade forward to be done this way instead of using highly complex in place upgrade task sequences. There are some drawbacks for reporting but we can PowerShell to capture data, and […]

Policy Evaluation Errors – IIS Connections

In this scenario the customer is trying to image systems from within WinPe. They are able to select a task sequence, but then once policy dependencies evaluate the customer receives the “An error occurred while retrieving policy for this computer (0x80004005) message. This is much a generic error and I’ve covered how to fix a […]

WSUS still runs old code

As a consultant I’ve seen a fair number of environments, and the story is usually the same. Most environments are not leveraging ConfigMgr to it’s fullest capabilities. Today I’m not going to talk about migrating to the cloud, and Intune today. Although some of that will be coming soon, along w/ Win 10 servicing, to […]