Intune – Autopilot Hash Generation Factory

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I’ve been doing more and more work with Intune lately and have been looking at different methods of Autopiloting devices.  My go-to has been OSDCloud by David Segura. It is a great tool for quickly getting devices from many different vendors up and running with Autopilot.  Definitely check it out.

I ran into a scenario where I needed to mimic the experience not of the end user, but of IT managing devices enrolled by the vendor prior to them ever appearing in Intune.  This is “easy”, albeit a bit time consuming.  You have to get a full Windows OS onto the device, log in and run Michael Niehaus’ Get-WindowsAutopilotInfo script.  You then import the generated CSV into Intune.  Finally you rebuild the device with a factory install of Windows 10 or11 and you can then Autopilot it into Intune.

That’s fine for one or two devices, but I needed to get a number of VMs staged up as if they were ordered from the vendor.  I needed to automate the grunt work….

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