Intune – Autopilot Hash Generation Factory

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I’ve been doing more and more work with Intune lately and have been looking at different methods of Autopiloting devices.  My go-to has been OSDCloud by David Segura. It is a great tool for quickly getting devices from many different vendors up and running with Autopilot.  Definitely check it out.

I ran into a scenario where I needed to mimic the experience not of the end user, but of IT managing devices enrolled by the vendor prior to them ever appearing in Intune.  This is “easy”, albeit a bit time consuming.  You have to get a full Windows OS onto the device, log in and run Michael Niehaus’ Get-WindowsAutopilotInfo script.  You then import the generated CSV into Intune.  Finally you rebuild the device with a factory install of Windows 10 or11 and you can then Autopilot it into Intune.

That’s fine for one or two devices, but I needed to get a number of VMs staged up as if they were ordered from the vendor.  I needed to automate the grunt work….

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Task Sequence Debugger Hanging During OOBE

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Just a quick “Learn from my Mistakes” post here.

Let me first say that the Task Sequence Debugger is an excellent tool and can and will make troubleshooting task sequences so much easier.  BUT, there is a catch….

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PowerShell – Archive all Task Sequences to XML with Index

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We’ve amassed a very large number of task sequences since migrating to Configuration Manager 2012 and it got me thinking about ways to archive off older sequences so that we can clean house.  So I came up with this script.

The script will first collect all of the task sequences in your site.  Next it will enumerate through them, write the sequence to an XML named after the task sequence ID and finally create a CSV index of the TSID, task sequence name, the last modified date of the sequence and when the sequence was backed up.

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