Lockstate Object

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This comes from something that one of my PFE buddies showed me during a visit to Kuwait. From time to time you will have an object locked out by one of your team members whom left for the day. Another scenario that is common would be the SCCM Console crashed and when you to to modify the object SCCM will think the object is still being edited.

In my screenshot below we see that my zero touch task sequence has been locked out by “BuckC”

Launch SQL MGNT Studio > Connect to your database > New Query

Find the LockID for the object you are trying to delete by running the following

SELECT * FROM SEDO_LockState WHERE LockStateID <> 0

This will display ID’s of all items locked, locate the relevant user that has locked out the object.

In my case I will run

DELECT from SEDO_LockState where LockStateID <> 0 and assigneduser like ‘%buckc’

We can now open and modify my Zero Touch task sequence.

note: if anybody is interested I can provide task sequence in a future blogpost. The task sequence moves a machine from windows 7 to widows 10, converting from Legacy BIOS to UEFI partitioned w/ GPT. This also enables secure boot,device guard, credential guard.


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