Just a moment OSD Hangs after restartJust a moment OSD Hangs after restart

“Just a moment” OSD Hangs after restart

Just last week I was brought onsite for 3 days at a customer’s location to help with a few things. I work 100% remote bringing magical windows 10 migrations to all the good boys and girls! I Low key hate being the imaging guy, but I do love migrations! Anyways the customer classified this as a global outage as they typically have 20+ sites imaging systems everyday. By this point extra inventory at sites were running low.

This customer had reported a very high percentage of systems would go through the Bare Metal OSD process and be stuck on “Just a Moment” screen. This problem was experienced globally in their environment, some sites would have the experience 20% of the time, other sites would experience this problem 90% of the time. The customer had already engaged Microsoft to create a ticket, but gotten the run around from CSS. I sat in on a few calls, but was never provided with log files as requested to provide a root cause analysis.

It took an act of congress but I finally was able to see the problem firsthand, and recover the log files! Normally I don’t wait for the log files, I just open up SQL and track the status messages, but this wasn’t returning status messages.

When you look into the SMSTS.LOG for failures you find “Failed to wait for ccmexec service to be fully operational” on each of the software installation steps after the Setup Windows and ConfigMgr step. I’ve seen this issue before in a different environment that was fixed by Senior PFE Brandon Linton

Unfortunately that pause step did not work for this environment!

ProTip: When installing the SCCM Client I to use CCMDEBUGLOGGING=1 in the installation properties. This is very helpful when troubleshooting!

Run any of the following. You might need to use just one item, or multiple items. But first try the pause step if not a reboot step.

  1. Create a pause step – works most the time
  2. Force the CCMExec Service to startup Automatically- not supported, but works most the time
  3. Add an additional Reboot right after “Setup Windows & Configmgr” step – works like a champ!

I hate traffic, getting up early and putting pants on! Oh yeah, if you do get stuck on the “Just a moment” screen send me the log files, and implement the work around.

No screenshots b/c I rushed this blog out so I can get the next blog out lol

chris buck

Founder of SCCMF12TWICE.

Lead SCCM Architect/Engineer for various environment all over the world. Primarily focused on reducing complexity of enterprise environments. This also includes migrating customers to the cloud, and to windows 10 with servicing upgrades.

Strong believer in data driven operations. If we can identify problems with analytics, and visualize it to management we can reduce the amount of problems, at the same time improve customers experience, reducing support costs.

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