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Offline Servicing is broken 0x800f082f

Offline Servicing Problem.
I was at a new customers site this week performing an assessment of their environment. Their biggest problem was patching and everything that comes with it. These were things as broken ADRs, dozens of empty SUGs, failed packages, etc. The environment was actually behind several years of patching and it was unknown to customer until my arrival. Even the latest image at the customers site which was less than 2 months old was out of date several years on patches. It was determined at customers request that we address the patch compliance situation by re-imaging all the machines as I pointed out to them that nearly 25% of the environment has been re imaged in the last 3 months. Instead of building a fresh new image I turned to offline servicing to update the Win 7 image as a quick solution while I focus on other projects. In this environment Offline Service Error 0x800f082f was a problem when I tried to provide an updated wim. 

It is important that you approve/download all CBS patches for the image you are intending on updating. If this is not approved when you attempt to schedule updates via offline servicing nothing new will be found. This was the problem at the customers site where the broken ADR was not downloading the required products. Once the patches were approved we was able to see over 100 patches could be add to the WIM in the screenshot below

Offline Servicing

The process of offline servicing basically takes your selected wim and creates a backup copy. Next the selected patches will be download to a key location and then DISM into the WIM. Once this completes successfully we would expect to see a larger sized wim and a backup copy of our original WIM

On the site server we can see the folder being created “ConfigMgr_OffineImageServicing” with the image (MOC00BE8) and individual GUIDs. At this point everything looks to be fine in the beginning of the process. 

Offline Servicing

We can track this process from start to finish in the “OfflineServicingMgr.Log” located on the primary server.

We are only starting to see failures when trying to inject patches. 


“InstallUpdate returned code 0x800f082f
Failed to install update with ID 17242935 on the image. ErrorCode = 2095”


Offline Servicing


For these errors I recommend taking the steps below to the existing WIM or creating a copy of the WIM.

  1. Manually mount the image via DISM.
  2. Load the registry software key (from the image) onto your local system
  3.  Find Registry Key HKLMMyKeyMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionComponent Based ServicingSessionsPending and set the “Exclusive” REG_DWORD value to “0”
  4. Unload the registry
  5. Commit changes to the WIM
  6. Reimport the WIm and perform offline servicing again
Below you will see that I ran an elevated command prompt to successfully mounted the image.
                 “DISM /Mount-Wim /WimFile:C:UsersH93-extraDesktop20170424V4.2_MRO_Win7_ENT_SP1_x64.wim /Index:1 /MountDir:C:UsersH93-extraDesktopMount”’
Offline Servicing


Next we need to load the registry key from the mounted WIM onto our local system.


  “Reg Load HKLMMykey C:UsersH93-ExtraDesktopMountWindowsSystem32ConfigSoftware”

When we launch Regedit on our local system we see “MyKey” located in our HKLM on our local system. 

Offline Servicing
From here we need to expand to HKLMMyKeyMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionComponent Based ServicingSession Pending and verify what value is set on “Exclusive”
Offline Servicing

We see the value is currently set to “3” when it should be set to “0”.  When changing it we discover we have permissions issues below.


Offline Servicing
We need to take ownership of the key, assigning full control, and making it inheritable to all child objects. That would be too much for me to edit out of the screenshot so just pretend it is below.

We are now able to set the value to “0”

Offline Servicing


We can unload the registry, and verify it is unloaded


“Reg unload HKLMMykey”

Offline Servicing


Offline Servicing


We have verified to be unloaded we can then go ahead and unmount the WIM. 
“DISM /UnMount-Wim /MountDir:C:UsersH93-extraDesktopMount /Commit”


Offline Servicing

Whenever I manually modify the WIM i tend to compare the size of it. We can see below the slight change in size from our changes.


Offline Servicing
The new image is now renamed and imported into SCCM and we begin offline servicing. There are no errors to be seen in the “OfflineServicingMgr.Log”


Offline Servicing


This actually successfully finishes and we can see the new size of the WIM has grown by 1.2 GB. 

Offline Servicing


On the WIM we can see that there are over 100 security patches added to the WIM.
Offline Servicing


Now there are no more X64 updates available as the image is completely patched and ready for testing.We  now are able to image new systems that are fully patched

Offline Servicing


chris buck

Founder of SCCMF12TWICE.

Lead SCCM Architect/Engineer for various environment all over the world. Primarily focused on reducing complexity of enterprise environments. This also includes migrating customers to the cloud, and to windows 10 with servicing upgrades.

Strong believer in data driven operations. If we can identify problems with analytics, and visualize it to management we can reduce the amount of problems, at the same time improve customers experience, reducing support costs.


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