SQL Query to track OSD

SQL Query to track OSD Typically whenever I enter a new environment I get a wave of questions focused on infrastructure, patching, software, and OSD. More specifically the OSD questions, are how to track the TS, how to make the TS better, and…
Reduce OSD time

Reduce OSD Time

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Reduce OSD Time 1. Set High Performance Power Plan This has proven in multiple environments that I have been to save 20% - 50% on certain steps, such as download/apply the OS. Also note that by default configmgr while in WinPE will run power…
SSRS Client Health Dashboard

SSRS - Client Health Dashboard

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Client Health Dashboard In previous posts I was speaking about soon to be releasing a series of SSRS reports based on troubleshooting. The first in the series I am trying to have is a focus on Client Health Overview. This dashboard will…