SCCM Reboot DECODED:: How to make a PC Cancel, Start, Extend or Change mandatory reboot to non-mandatory on the fly.

Learn from my Mistakes - Mass Package Updates with 1E NomadBranch

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[Edit: I found a better analogy to explain what happened.  See the bottom of this post] Over the last three weeks we've been hit by an intermittent  outage that knocked our SCCM infrastructure essentially offline for hours at a time.  It…

PowerShell - Archive all Task Sequences to XML with Index

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We've amassed a very large number of task sequences since migrating to Configuration Manager 2012 and it got me thinking about ways to archive off older sequences so that we can clean house.  So I came up with this script. The script will…
Patch Current WIM Files

Nested Task Sequence Mapper

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I've been looking for a simple way to identify and map out the nested task sequences.  This is the first part of a project that I'm working on.  The goal of the overall project is to duplicate an entire task sequence "suite" of the parent…