Patch Current WIM Files

MiSCUG - Using Power BI to Report OS Deployment Stats

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On 11 January 2019 I had the privilege to speak at the Michigan System Center Users Group meeting on the topic of using Power BI to report your OSD build stats.  This is a companion post to that presentation. This is an update to my original…
Troubleshooting and Upgrading AD FS Farms

Disconnected WSUS - The "fun" of importing updates

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Hello, My name is Charles, I went to the Midwest Management Summit back in May 2019. It was my second time attending the conference. You might remember me as “that guy who has no remote users” 🙂 I said I would blog about a tip…
Troubleshooting and Upgrading AD FS Farms

WaaS -IPU Progress Tracking Spreadsheet

As I write this post we are just days away from beginning the mass In-Place Upgrades (IPUs) of the entire enterprise (~35,000 devices).  Of course everyone is going to want to know how the numbers are looking.  To better show how the IPUs…