Infrastructure - Boundary Groups

SCCM REPORT: Infrastructure – Boundary Groups


Infrastructure - Boundary Groups


Have you ever walked into a new environment, and nobody was able to explain how the boundary groups were configured? We now have a Report for that!


The Infrastructure – Boundary Groups report saves the admin time and frustration from having to search though several collections for power plan information. This will provide on demand information at the push of a button. This report is especially helpful in the scenario where a customer site has concerns about laptops batteries draining quickly and you need to identify if SCCM power plans are the source of performance settings. No longer will the admin have to perform multiple complex SQL queries to identify information in this report. Use this report to quickly provide management insights into the environment with the push of a button. Everything can be kept in 1 screen instead of having to go through potentially dozens of boundary groups manually.


 Sections shown in report

Outlines how many boundaries/boundary groups you have in the environment. There are drill downs to identify fallback boundary groups with DP/SUP information. Filter parameters to search by specific boundary groups if needed. Another section highlights how many members in each boundary group.

No Longer Available