SCCM REPORT: Power BI – Modern Ops

Need to see identify crashes on your endpoints to stabilize the environment? We now have a Power BI report for that!

The Power BI- Modern Ops  – saves the admin time and frustration from having to search though several views, and logs. This will provide on demand information at the push of a button. This report will provide actionable information to help stabilize your environment. The reduced crashes, and downtime will improve the outlook on your IT Department. You will now be able to quickly visualize if any major problem within your environment and can stop it before the customer even is aware.These are great examples to show the business that the changes you are making have a positive impact and are improving the environment. It is very hard to argue, or debate when you have the data showing the trend.

Sections shown in report

Outlook crashes, wifi crashes, driver crashes, application crashes, The ability to track by OS version.

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