Troubleshooting - Client Install

SCCM REPORT: Troubleshooting – Client Install


Troubleshooting - Client Install

Need to know more about systems failing to install the SCCM Client? We now have a Report for that!


The Troubleshooting – Client Install report saves the admin time and frustration from having to search though several inboxes/log files. This will provide on demand information at the push of a button. This report is especially helpful in the scenario where a customer site has concerns about systems failing to install the SCCM Client. No longer will the admin have to perform multiple complex SQL queries to identify information in this report. Use this report to quickly provide management insights into the environment with the push of a button.


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The report is based on last 30 days worth of data. It is important to have the overall site health information when trying to look at historical data. A pie chart is provided to easily tell where the biggest problems exist. Individual system information provides insights to what the failure was, and how many times it was attempted. Troubleshooting section is provided to aid the admin in understanding how to go about investigating client install problems in a non-pki environment. Several times I have seen client push “fail” b/c the firewall team has blocked certain ports, so we are not any longer able to copy the necessary mobile.tcf files etc to the system to install. In that scenario that could be an entire site that is not able to get good clients, this report will help the tech identify a trend before customers even report the issue.

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