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WaaS – Overview of WaaS the Wolverine Way

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I remember the first attempt I made at upgrading a group of devices at work.  It was the Autumn of 2017 and I was trying to upgrade a group of roughly 20 Build 1511 devices since support was running out on that build.  I had been to the Midwest Management Summit (MMS) earlier that Spring and believed I had a pretty good handle on how it should be done.  I had attended a number of sessions and listened to the merits of using an In-Place Upgrade (IPU) task sequence as opposed to Servicing Plans.  I created my IPU sequence and submitted the deployment to our Change Management process.  I was so confident that I didn’t balk at the decision to schedule the deployment during the week when I was going to be in Florida attending Microsoft Ignite.  The evening of the deployment arrived…

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WaaS -IPU Progress Tracking Spreadsheet

As I write this post we are just days away from beginning the mass In-Place Upgrades (IPUs) of the entire enterprise (~35,000 devices).  Of course everyone is going to want to know how the numbers are looking.  To better show how the IPUs are progressing, I’ve created a tracking spreadsheet.

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