Task Sequence Media Wizard Completed With Errors

So I am supporting an environment where all they do is USB Boot. They either use the USB to boot into WinPe, or they just the full copy of the Stand Alone Media on an USB stick. Whenever there are task sequence changes all these low band-width sites will have to download the latest full ISO and create their own bootable USB sticks.

In this scenario we had to create fresh stand alone media b/c we just resolved the “Just a moment” issue by making a task sequence modification… but it’s never that easy, something always goes wrong somewhere.

During the wizarad we selected our local DP, our desired output location which is a different drive with several hundred GB of free space. It took a long while to run through the task sequence wizard as our TS has roughly 60gb of content b/c of all the models we support. Eventually we were presented with a failure for “There is not enough free space on disk”

mhmmm that’s odd right? Well, the answer is really simple, but I’ll show you the troubleshooting process, and drop the knowledge bomb on you in the end!

KEY LOG FILE: CreateTSMedia.log this can be found on your primary site server

When you check the log file I like to see the command that was executed. I’ve seen bugs in SCCM where it says it did xyz, but never actually ran the command to do that action item. We verified it did actually run as shown below

We move down in the log file we can start to investigate where the problem exists. Failed to copy from content library

I know what you are thinking, but Mr.F12 you said you chose a destination on a different drive, why is it going to your local drive.

Well that is b/c sccm will use environmental variables to stage the content in the temp location while it is on it’s way to the final destination. Many things in ConfigMgr use a temp location like when you mount the WIM, create Stand alone media, content distribution (on DP before contentlib), scanstate (on local system before upload to SMP).

The quick and easy way will be to clean up enough space on the C drive to run through the process.

This is the ProTip for all the marbles, or cookies whichever you prefer. How to change your environmental variable to specify a new temp location:

This PC > Right click  Properties > Advanced System Settings

Advanced Tab > Environmental Variables

Choose the TMP Variable (by default this goes to users profile temp location and then edit.

Specify your new location. In my case I chose a different drive and named that folder temp

Now when you create your stand alone media, or have to mount the wim to service it as part configmgr console actions this will be the new location where it is staged.

chris buck

Founder of SCCMF12TWICE.

Lead SCCM Architect/Engineer for various environment all over the world. Primarily focused on reducing complexity of enterprise environments. This also includes migrating customers to the cloud, and to windows 10 with servicing upgrades.

Strong believer in data driven operations. If we can identify problems with analytics, and visualize it to management we can reduce the amount of problems, at the same time improve customers experience, reducing support costs.

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